Bee2Fire Detection selected by rePLANT for the defense of the Portuguese forest, Future Compta

3 de December de 2021

FUTURE COMPTA’s BEE2FIREDETECTION was the technology selected for the early detection of forest fires, using artificial intelligence by the rePLANT project.

The rePLANT project, born from the need to develop integrated and innovative solutions, an initiative from ForestWISE’s operationalization which mobilizes 20 entities, between leading companies of the sector and Research & Innovation (R&I) entities, in a common and coordinated effort to implement collaborative strategies that will origin new Processes, Products and Services.

The BEE2FIREDETECTION assembly will take place in various locations from north to south of the country. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence to detect fires, by processing algorithms developed by FUTURE COMPTA based on information transmitted by optical and thermal cameras. With a rate of more than 95% success in ignition detection, BEE2FIREDETECTION has even won a worldwide award, winning the Global Champion of IBM Watson Build.

Tiago Andrade, Vice President of Digital Products at FUTURE COMPTA, said: “We are at the forefront of the world, when it comes to the use of this innovative technology. BEE2FIREDETECTION can be one of the greatest allies in forest preservation, protecting strategic forest assets against the scourge of fires. Been selected to integrate this unique project, we confirm our determination in the development of this product, which we are sure it will have an important contribution in the Portuguese forestry sector competitiveness and in reducing the destructive impact of fires in the national territory.”

With a 3 years operation period, rePLANT is a project supported by Compete/Portugal 2020, through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Innovation (POCI) and the Operational Program Lisbon 2020.

november 29 2021

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