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Slide Summary RePLANT is the first operational project from ForestWISE - Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest & Fire Management, a private non-profit organization which aims to develop research, innovation and knowledge and technology transfer activities to increase sustainable forest management, to increase competition of the Portuguese forest sector and to reduce rural fire impact. More information Slide Objectives rePLANT througt its collaborative strategies, has many objectives.
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Slide Partners rePLANT is supported by many partners in the forest sector’s More information Slide Strategic lines rePLANT joins forest leader companies and investigation & innovation entities to design and implement strategies in 3 strategic lines. More information


The project came from the need to develop integrated and innovative solutions that guarantee the sustainable management of Portuguese forests, caring and protecting them so they can be a source of wealth for people, communities and for the country. One of the main rePLANT goal is to value national forests contributing to an integrated management of forests and fire.

RePLANt mobilizes 20 entities, including leading companies in the forest sector and Research & Innovation (I&I) entities, in a common and coordinated effort to implement 8 Collaborative Strategies that will give rise to new Processes, Products and Services – strategic lines.

With a performance period of 3 years, it’s a project with a budget of 5.6 million euros, supported in 3.3 million euros by Compete / Portugal 2020, through the Competitiveness and Innovation Operational Program (POCI) and the Lisbon 2020 Operational Program.

To increase sustainable forest management and sector competition and to reduce the impact of rural fires.

RePLANT brings a new perspective on integrated forest and fire management, based on scientific and technological knowledge, through the introduction of new, more efficient and intelligent equipment for the forest and with better environmental performance.


rePLANT througt its collaborative strategies, has many objectives:

implement a high degree of innovation in forestry operations.

increase the capacity of internationalization of companies in this sector.

stimulate the creation of new companies and qualified job opportunities in the forest sector

enhance the competitiveness of the sector

increase safety of population living in the forest areas, decreasing the risk of fire

Improve fire prevention and fighting systems

Preserve biodiversity


This project has the support of 20 business and non-business entities, combining the best technical and scientific knowledge with the most important Portuguese forest sector.

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Strategic lines

Collaborative Strategies for Forest and Fire Management

Led by Sonae Arauco and Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), School of Agriculture (Technical University of Lisbon)

Collaborative Strategies for Risk Management

Led by REN and The University of Coimbra

Collaborative Strategies for Circular Economy and Value Chains

Led by The Navigator Company and Forestwise