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Development of productivity analysis device for cutting machines

The objective of the work developed is to enable, remotely and automatically, the collection of information from forest operation equipment. This information is extremely important for the entire value chain and efficiency generation. Obtaining this information involves connecting to the machine’s computers and sensors, registering and communicating all the information collected.

The data processing software should be able to register and deliver the information, and the data should be encoded in several formats. StanForD 2010 was chosen for this scope because it is a data availability format widely used in this sector.

StanForD 2010 is a forest database model used to collect, store, and analyze data from forest inventories.

There are two types of machines that are used in tree harvesting operations – Harvesters and Forwarders.

Harvesters are machines used to cut down trees. They have a variety of tools and equipment attached, such as cutting blades and saws, to perform cutting, processing, and pruning of the trees.

Forwarders, on the other hand, are machines responsible for the forwarding activity, in other words, for moving the cut trunks and logs. They are used to transport the wood from the cutting site to a place where it can be stacked and easily transported, the loaders.

forSCOPE Advanced Logistics Planning System

Machines used for cutting the trees