Innovative technologies for the valorisation of Forest and Fire: 2nd Demonstration day rePLANT

11 de May de 2023

15 May 2023 – Parque Serras do Porto

After 3 years of intense multidisciplinary collaboration and joint effort between 20 entities, the mobilizing project rePLANT presents in this second demonstration action a set of innovative technologies for an integrated management of forest and fire. In this action, participants will have the opportunity to know some of the most innovative products resulting from this mobilizing project, namely:

The surveillance system through the installation of optical cameras on REN power stations integrated with the fire behaviour simulator and fire monitoring.
Technological solutions for collecting data on forest stands, through smartphone applications for forest inventory.
Integrated solutions using sensors attached to harvesting and logging machines (IoT), which make it possible to analyse/monitor all the information collected in a multi-user logic.
New equipment for bush management using robotics with the ability to detect areas that need cleaning with a minimum error margin.

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Participation in this demonstration requires the registration in the form and prior confirmation by the event organisation.