rePLANT partners with Timbeter to modernize industrial timber measurement processes in Portugal

23 de December de 2022

rePLANT is the first major initiative and operationalization project of the ForestWISE Collaborative Laboratory – Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest and Fire Management – whose purpose is the development of research activities, innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology, to increase the sustainable forest management, the competitiveness of the Portuguese forest sector and reduce the impact of rural fires.

Timbeter and rePLANT started a cooperation to bring to different companies and organizations in Portugal AI-based technology in measuring wood stacks and managing data in a digital way. This partnership is based on the opportunity that rePLANT has to showcase Timbeter’s digital management for a better understanding of the supply chain and the impact of forest fires in the region.

The algorithms and machine learning that have been developed by Timbeter erases human error and makes the whole measurement process faster by 15 times. All the data is in digital format that can be easily controlled and monitored, allowing companies and organizations around the country to control harvested volumes during the summer season, as well as help with the management of the supply chain during the whole year.

For the rePLANT project partners, it will also be possible to boost the digital transition of forestry operations, using new generation equipment and more agile decision-making processes. This project aims to booster the development of the “Forest 4.0” with new and smart tools adapted to the Portuguese forest sector. As well as, to promote among different actors in the Portuguese forest sector, the use of these new technologies and, thereafter, enhance the sustainable forest management and wildfire mitigation risks.

For Timbeter, consolidating itself as an innovative technology in Portuguese territory will bring an evolution in terms of new ways of working and transforming existing processes, contributing to the country’s digital transformation in the forestry sector.