rePLANT presents technological solutions for forest and fire management, Green Savers

19 de June de 2023

rePLANT, an unprecedented technological project that brings together companies, universities and research centers for the enhancement and defense of forests, presented yesterday at the Parque das Serras do Porto, innovative technologies for the defense and management of forests and fire, revealed in a statement.

According to the same source, among them is the monitoring of the forest through optical cameras, already installed in that natural space, which help to simulate and predict the behavior of fire. New digital sensors and processes for forestry machines and the use of robotics in forestry operations to clean the forests were also presented.

“Developing the forest, making it safer and proving that people and machines can collaborate with each other, creating an ecosystem of greater active protection, is the motto of rePLANT, an initiative supported by Compete/Portugal 2020, through the POCI and Lisbon 2020 programs,” the statement noted. rePLANT aims “to have an impact on the entire productive and business ecosystem of the forestry sector, improving the safety of populations with fire prevention and fighting systems, while reducing threats to biodiversity and increasing the resilience of the forest and infrastructures. And “innovate in the enhancement of the forest, more productive, efficient and with less risk, ensuring the competitiveness of the sector.

“The technologies that we present today are part of a range of results and products that derive from this mobilizing project that brings together the best technical and scientific knowledge of business and non-business entities that form rePLANT. These were three years of work for the future of the forest, with solutions that contribute to its sustainable development and to the valorization of the entire forest value chain,” explains Carlos Fonseca, Scientific and Technological Director of CoLAB ForestWISE, which coordinates the project together with Navigator Forest Portugal.

In, Green Savers, 16 May 2023 (PT)