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New equipment for conservative land preparation

In the third line of action, we talked about the technologies that are under development for data collection in the cutting and harvesting machines and subsequent analysis and sharing of indicators for sustainable forestry.

In addition to this, the partners focused on the news about the latest tools for land preparation and fertilization and bush clearing.

In the first part, and because in Portugal the soil occupied by forests does not provide good conditions for trees, always requiring a good soil preparation, the ARG was presented. In forest plantations we can use new techniques that allow the conservation of organic matter and water retention, favoring its infiltration into the soil. This is the case with this implement, whose mechanization translates into greater efficiency and safety. The advantages do not stop there, because this equipment, besides respecting the conservation of soil and water, is able to fertilize at a variable rate and has a digital Lidar system to record the depth of the ripping in the soil.


Soil prepared with ARG implement
Soil prepared with ARG implement