rePLANT presents the results of its work for forest valorization, REN

Use of new “intelligent” implements for the forest, robotics in forest cleaning operations, new smartphone applications, forest monitoring through optical cameras, new digital sensors and processes for data communication in forest machines. These were the main highlights of a work developed over three years by 20 entities, including companies, universities and research centers, and were […]

Project rePlant comes to an end, E-REDES

The Electricity Museum, in Lisbon, hosted the closing session of the rePlant project and was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of E-REDES, José Ferrari Careto. rePLANT enabled new approaches to support E-REDES’ decision making, regarding the management of vegetation around electrical infrastructures, which requires effective and safe responses, which is only […]

Bee2Fire Detection selected by rePLANT for the defense of the Portuguese forest, Future Compta

FUTURE COMPTA’s BEE2FIREDETECTION was the technology selected for the early detection of forest fires, using artificial intelligence by the rePLANT project. The rePLANT project, born from the need to develop integrated and innovative solutions, an initiative from ForestWISE’s operationalization which mobilizes 20 entities, between leading companies of the sector and Research & Innovation (R&I) entities, […]

Tech4Effect, ForestWISE and RePLANt meet for scientific exchange, Tech4Effect

Scientists from TECH4EFFECT (T4E), ForestWISE and rePLANt met recently for a scientific exchange to discuss the potential of collecting data from forest machines to further the aim of the T4E SILVISMART digital efficiency portal beyond the finalization of T4E in June. Collecting data to bolster resource efficiency in the utilization of timber for complete value […]

E-REDES is one of the promoters of rePLANt, E-REDES

  E-REDES is one of the 20 entities promoting rePLANt, a project that is born from the need to develop integrated and innovative solutions that ensure the sustainable management of Portuguese forests, so that they can be cared, protected and a source of wealth for people, communities and the country. As a result of the […]

Presentation of the rePLANt Project, INIAV

The rePLANt project is an unprecedented collaborative effort in Portugal, operated by ForestWISE, to study the forest and its valorization. This project was presented to the community on March 23, 2021 and has, through its collaborative strategies, the following objectives: Valuing the Portuguese forest by applying technologies and strategies that allow the integrated management of […]